You May Not Understand How It Works, but You Love the Results

WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Headed to Stores in Q1 2011 – Droid ...Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us would not be overly excited if a friend of ours came up to us and said hey, let’s go to theRadio Frequency Integrated Circuits symposium that is going to be held this weekend, I heard that it is going to be amazing. More the likely after staring blankly at our friend we would then have to ask him or her to explain to us exactly what a RFIC is. And even after they explained it, if by some stretch of the imagination we understood it, majority of us would still probably not be extremely excited to go to a conference of this sort. However even though some of the concepts discussed as symposium like this might be over our heads, the applications that these concepts are being used in our things that are extremely important to every single one of us.

One outstanding example of how RFIC technology is being used is in connection with our mobile phones, and smart devices. This technology makes it easier to tackle some of the problems that come in connection with manufacturing transmitters and receivers. Thanks in part to this technology RFIC our mobile devices have a better ability to transmit and receive information.

RFIC technology is also an essential part of our commute especially if we live in a state that has toll roads like New Jersey. Have you noticed how on the New Jersey Turnpike, certain individuals do not even have to stop and pay the toll, it is just automatically done. This is because they on their windshield have a card that allows them to automatically have the fees for the toll road deducted. This technology is available in part thanks to the work that is being done with RFIC. Also if you have GPS in your vehicle, you can think the scientists and technicians that work with RFIC.