Working at a Nursing Home

I have just now started my new part time job. I am working at a nursing home as a nurse’s assistant. It is only for the summer until I start classes at college. This is quite an eye opening experience though. They have a lot of nurses and I get the really bad jobs which they do not have time to do. Obviously a lot of these people are past the condition where they can clean up after themselves. We do a lot of dementia care in Brooklyn and that can be a bit of a difficult thing. In fact you will see a lot of these people with ankle bracelets on. That is because they will often wander around. The place is designed to confine these people, but if you are not careful they will slip out with one of the visitors. Obviously the guests are not going to be paying full attention to the patients when they leave the place and it is easy for them to pass through without being noticed. Of course my job is pretty much providing muscle for the other people. I am a relatively big guy and I am pretty strong. You have to move these people around quite a bit for their medical care and some of them are not in the game. We have this one elderly woman who has only one leg. She has alzheimer’s and she never stops talking. It is all completely irrational and some of the time it is really x rated. It is really bizarre to hear this sort of language coming out of an elderly woman in a wheel chair. We have to use a hoist to move her in and out of the chair obviously. Three times a week she goes to get dialysis too.