We Wanted to Learn Clay Shooting

When my sister and I decided that we were going to do something new, we sat down to make a list to determine what would interest both of us. We actually had a pretty large list, and the first thing that was common on both lists was clay pigeon shooting. Our father used to do this when we were younger, but it was nothing that we had taken an interest in. We started talking about some memories we had of him sharing his day with our mother, and how happy both of them seemed. That is when we knew that clay pigeon shooting was the first thing we wanted to do.

Even though this is what we chose to do first, that didn’t mean we had a clue about any part of it. We knew that we were going to have to educate ourselves, so we went online to get some more information about clay shooting. It was actually very fascinating to read everything and watch videos of others doing it. They made it look so easy, but we knew that it was anything but that. That is why we were both so happy when we discovered Lady’s Wood.

This is a shooting club that has everything that we could possibly want. It is settled on 55 acres, and it has everything from a lodge and gun shop to instructors who will help people who want to learn more about clay shooting. There are different packages too, so we took the one that would help us the most, since we did not know anything at all about clay shooting other than our father enjoyed it. Our instructor was nothing short of amazing, and we both learned the proper shooting techniques. We missed a lot more than we hit that first time, but we have gone back quite a bit since. We have both improved dramatically, thanks to our instructor!