Saving Money by Optimizing Distance

I’ve been looking for a great place to live for months now. I’ve been to apartment after apartment, condo to condo and even checked out some houses to rent but nothing fit the criteria that I had set myself against. I was beginning to think that I had set my standards far too high to be reasonable. That is until I found just as I was beginning to give up. This place is exactly the sort of apartment complex that I was hoping to come across and after months of searching I was more than happy to submit an application.

That’s kind of the first thing that I look for whenever I’m apartment hunting. I want to make sure that there is an application processing screening. This lets me know that they are generally more selective about who they allow into the community. It’s not that I have anything against anyone in general but I’ve lived in places that allow whomever to move right in without any kind of background checks. This has caused all kinds of problems over the years and it’s become a trait that I try to avoid at all costs. It might make me appear to be a snob but there’s nothing wrong with having standards, you know?

Another trait that I look for is how close a place is to the grocery. I once recorded how much money I spent on gas between the apartment and the grocery store one year. It was so much that I began to looking for a new place as soon as I had it calculated – there’s just no way that I was going to be able to afford it! So now, when I’m optimizing my budget, I always keep in mind that it’s totally possible to lose hundreds of dollars on gas just by going a few miles back and forth throughout the year.