Need a Tv Package for the RV

I am not yet retired, but I have sort of got to the place where I do not always have to show up at work if I feel like I would rather go fishing. The family business is very smoothly run to be honest. I have hired some really sharp young people and unless there are real decisions to be made I am not really necessary. Obviously they have to learn to live without me some day, so I am letting them begin on that. Right now I am living place to place and looking at to see what sort of satellite TV deals I can get for the cabin and the RV that I have bought. I have cable at the house now, but I am thinking that I will switch to Direct tv since that makes a lot of sense under the circumstance. I bought myself a nice little RV and a cabin on Smith Mountain Lake. Obviously I could get three separate things to take care of them, but that would not make a lot of sense.

Now I am sure that they expect you to have three accounts if you have three residences, but I know plenty of people who have done this with no problem. You can get five or six receivers for a big house. They charge you a small amount more for each one. Of course in this case I can take the receiver back and forth from the house to the RV, but I know that you do not need to do that exactly. It might be needed, but the thing that makes the receiver work is a little device the size of a credit card, or in fact it is what you call a smart card because it has a little computer circuit on it.