I Am Looking for a New Apartment

In fact today I spent the day looking at some condos, but there just is not any chance that I could figure out how to afford one of these places no matter how hard I tried or if I even wanted to try that hard. Of course I really liked it and if I could I would try to get one of the 124 units, but this new futura condo in Singapore is really designed for people with a lot more money than I have. The thing that I loved the best was the infinity lap pool and the enormous pool deck beside it. There were quite a few good looking girls out by the pool laying in the sun when they showed the place to me and I discretely checked them out. Of course the girl that they paid to show me the display units was even more attractive and this was not a coincidence.

In fact this guy I know told me about them. It is certainly not unusual for real estate companies to hire beautiful women to show places to men. It certainly did not make me less willing to do what they wanted me to do, but I was no more able to sign on the dotted line. I sort of enjoyed pretending that I might be able to do it, but in fact I was sort of surprised that they wasted their time on me. They probably looked me up and of course they call it a VVIP tour on the web page. I do not know what that really means, but I suspect that it means that you have a great deal more money than a person like myself does. At any rate tomorrow I will start looking for a new place more seriously and not just dream about things that are not going to come to fruition.