How Riding Horses Changed Me from a City Boy into Someone Who Enjoyed Rural Life

I grew up in the city. I had never even been to a rural area until we went to visit my uncle who purchased a cottage out in the middle of nowhere when I was 15. He and my aunt wanted a small place in the country, and that is what they got. It was the place I first tasted well water and could not stand it. Now my wife and I have a 15 year old daughter we buy horse riding clothes for because she owns a horse and is involved in equestrian competitions. She absolutely adores rural living, and she started asking us when she was first able to talk if we could live on a farm.

It was my wife, who had more rural experience than me, who helped our daughter fulfill the longing to go rural, as I call it. I wanted nothing to do with it. Then our little girl talked me into riding a horse one day. I am a fully grown man who can navigate the city to enforce the law, but I was scared silly getting up on the horse. I mean it is a bit scary, to say the least, getting up onto a beast that weighs over a thousand pounds! A horse has a mind of its own. If I got on a thousand pound motorcycle, I am in control. With a horse, you are just suggesting to it what to do and hoping it will comply!

Now over the years I have been on some cantankerous horses, and I have become used to even them. They all have personalities all their own. When I rode a horse the stable owner suggested, I found a friend. That horse has been mine now for about five years. My wife, my daughter and I go riding together at least three times per week. We are horse people now. We even bought a little place in a rural area where we are building our own stables for our animals.