Getting Natural and Chemical Free Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles

I was not born with the genetics to give me long flowing hair like my cousins who live in Brazil have. Up here in the cold north I use natural and chemical free curly hair extensions to make my hair the way I want it to look. You can buy natural hair from a lot of different sources. You can buy synthetic hair too. I imagine you can even buy blends. Anyone who has worn a wig, put in a hair extension, had a weave or did anything where hair other than your own is involved knows that natural hair always works out the best. It styles naturally and wears naturally throughout the day.

Think about it. If your natural hair goes more limp at say the eight hour mark in your busy day, you want all your hair to look the same. You don’t want your weaves or extensions to look any worse or better. You want them to look the exact same together. I think synthetic hair behaves differently and responds differently to wind, sun and humidity. If your extensions and things start to look different, it calls attention to them making them visible to other people.

This is why I stick with natural hair that is not treated with chemicals. You really do need that guarantee because a lot of hair is imported. You know that some other countries do not follow the same rules as we do as far as chemicals are concerned. Be certain of the source you use to get your natural hair for extensions, weaves and other uses. Of course it is probably going to be colored to all match. Just look into its guarantee for not being treated with all kinds of chemicals. Natural hair must be rendered sterile and will be colored to match in bundles, but it should not be treated much beyond that.