A Tale of My Wife

I am constant on the edge a lot of days. I began to feel this way since the new president took office. A lot of people have mixed reviews of his performance and his policies. It is very important to me that I keep a watchful eyes on important hot topics. One important topic is immigration. This issue affects the very being of my life. My wife Solji is not a United States citizen by birth. The president’s decisions might affect her status. I am afraid that she will get deported. I constantly watch Trump news to stay informed on all of the topics.

My wife Solji is a native of South Korea. She was born and raised in the city of Seoul. She lived there until she turned nineteen years of age. She had traveled to many places, but she was always fascinated with the United States. She begged her parents to go. Initially, they said no, but they let her go to America.

I first met Solji in college. She was an exchange student from South Korea. She was very fluent in the English language. I was immediately smitten by her. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. We became close friends and initially started dating. During senior year, I proposed marriage to her. She happily agreed to be my wife. I was so happy. We eventually got married in South Korea. All was not perfect.

After getting married, Solji and I needed to fill out paperwork. There has been talks about immigration reform and deportation. I am scared for Solji. I love her very much and I am scared to death of losing her. I learned that Solji can become a United States citizen if she gets a permanent visa. Solji will apply for one immediately.