Saving Money by Optimizing Distance

I’ve been looking for a great place to live for months now. I’ve been to apartment after apartment, condo to condo and even checked out some houses to rent but nothing fit the criteria that I had set myself against. I was beginning to think that I had set my standards far too high to be reasonable. That is until I found just as I was beginning to give up. This place is exactly the sort of apartment complex that I was hoping to come across and after months of searching I was more than happy to submit an application.

That’s kind of the first thing that I look for whenever I’m apartment hunting. Continue reading Saving Money by Optimizing Distance

I Put Down a Deposit on My New Apartment

When I’m looking for a great place to live, I want to see the apartment in person before I make a decision either way. I found a great apartment online last week, so I immediately called to schedule a tour. I was really happy that the apartment complex was just a gorgeous in person as it was online. The paint was new and fresh. It looked like one of the newer places in the area. I like living in places that feel new and modern.

As we began the tour, I had to take a moment to walk next to the pool. I stuck my hand in the water and it was cool and refreshing. It felt like the perfect temperature to me. I really like swimming and I was able to imagine myself swimming laps nearly every day. Continue reading I Put Down a Deposit on My New Apartment

Get to Know Someone Special

Desis Dating website was so much different of a dating website. I don’t know if you are like me, but when I think of going online to find dates I don’t get a great picture in my head about what people will think about me, and I really worry about the people who have to use this service to find dates. That is until I really started to think about it. I mean think about it, I am a working professional, I am a handsome man, who would like to find someone who I can spend time with, maybe date and maybe have a life with. Those are normal things that everyone wants in a relationship, but with technology these days, you don’t meet people the way your parents did. Myself, I have many hours working at my desk and when I look up from work it is just time enough to go home and eat. I don’t have a lot of time to go to bars and just hang out and hope to meet someone. Continue reading Get to Know Someone Special

A Tale of My Wife

I am constant on the edge a lot of days. I began to feel this way since the new president took office. A lot of people have mixed reviews of his performance and his policies. It is very important to me that I keep a watchful eyes on important hot topics. One important topic is immigration. This issue affects the very being of my life. My wife Solji is not a United States citizen by birth. The president’s decisions might affect her status. I am afraid that she will get deported. I constantly watch Trump news to stay informed on all of the topics.

My wife Solji is a native of South Korea. She was born and raised in the city of Seoul. She lived there until she turned nineteen years of age. She had traveled to many places, but she was always fascinated with the United States. She begged her parents to go. Continue reading A Tale of My Wife

I Am Looking for a New Apartment

In fact today I spent the day looking at some condos, but there just is not any chance that I could figure out how to afford one of these places no matter how hard I tried or if I even wanted to try that hard. Of course I really liked it and if I could I would try to get one of the 124 units, but this new futura condo in Singapore is really designed for people with a lot more money than I have. The thing that I loved the best was the infinity lap pool and the enormous pool deck beside it. There were quite a few good looking girls out by the pool laying in the sun when they showed the place to me and I discretely checked them out. Of course the girl that they paid to show me the display units was even more attractive and this was not a coincidence.

In fact this guy I know told me about them. Continue reading I Am Looking for a New Apartment

We Wanted to Learn Clay Shooting

When my sister and I decided that we were going to do something new, we sat down to make a list to determine what would interest both of us. We actually had a pretty large list, and the first thing that was common on both lists was clay pigeon shooting. Our father used to do this when we were younger, but it was nothing that we had taken an interest in. We started talking about some memories we had of him sharing his day with our mother, and how happy both of them seemed. That is when we knew that clay pigeon shooting was the first thing we wanted to do.

Even though this is what we chose to do first, that didn’t mean we had a clue about any part of it. We knew that we were going to have to educate ourselves, so we went online to get some more information about clay shooting. Continue reading We Wanted to Learn Clay Shooting

How Riding Horses Changed Me from a City Boy into Someone Who Enjoyed Rural Life

I grew up in the city. I had never even been to a rural area until we went to visit my uncle who purchased a cottage out in the middle of nowhere when I was 15. He and my aunt wanted a small place in the country, and that is what they got. It was the place I first tasted well water and could not stand it. Now my wife and I have a 15 year old daughter we buy horse riding clothes for because she owns a horse and is involved in equestrian competitions. She absolutely adores rural living, and she started asking us when she was first able to talk if we could live on a farm.

It was my wife, who had more rural experience than me, who helped our daughter fulfill the longing to go rural, as I call it. I wanted nothing to do with it. Then our little girl talked me into riding a horse one day. I am a fully grown man who can navigate the city to enforce the law, but I was scared silly getting up on the horse. Continue reading How Riding Horses Changed Me from a City Boy into Someone Who Enjoyed Rural Life

Need a Tv Package for the RV

I am not yet retired, but I have sort of got to the place where I do not always have to show up at work if I feel like I would rather go fishing. The family business is very smoothly run to be honest. I have hired some really sharp young people and unless there are real decisions to be made I am not really necessary. Obviously they have to learn to live without me some day, so I am letting them begin on that. Right now I am living place to place and looking at to see what sort of satellite TV deals I can get for the cabin and the RV that I have bought. Continue reading Need a Tv Package for the RV

Working at a Nursing Home

I have just now started my new part time job. I am working at a nursing home as a nurse’s assistant. It is only for the summer until I start classes at college. This is quite an eye opening experience though. They have a lot of nurses and I get the really bad jobs which they do not have time to do. Obviously a lot of these people are past the condition where they can clean up after themselves. We do a lot of dementia care in Brooklyn and that can be a bit of a difficult thing. In fact you will see a lot of these people with ankle bracelets on. That is because they will often wander around. Continue reading Working at a Nursing Home

Getting Natural and Chemical Free Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles

I was not born with the genetics to give me long flowing hair like my cousins who live in Brazil have. Up here in the cold north I use natural and chemical free curly hair extensions to make my hair the way I want it to look. You can buy natural hair from a lot of different sources. You can buy synthetic hair too. I imagine you can even buy blends. Anyone who has worn a wig, put in a hair extension, had a weave or did anything where hair other than your own is involved knows that natural hair always works out the best. It styles naturally and wears naturally throughout the day.

Think about it. Continue reading Getting Natural and Chemical Free Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles

You May Not Understand How It Works, but You Love the Results

WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Headed to Stores in Q1 2011 – Droid ...Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us would not be overly excited if a friend of ours came up to us and said hey, let’s go to theRadio Frequency Integrated Circuits symposium that is going to be held this weekend, I heard that it is going to be amazing. More the likely after staring blankly at our friend we would then have to ask him or her to explain to us exactly what a RFIC is. And even after they explained it, if by some stretch of the imagination we understood it, majority of us would still probably not be extremely excited to go to a conference of this sort. However even though some of the concepts discussed as symposium like this might be over our heads, the applications that these concepts are being used in our things that are extremely important to every single one of us.

One outstanding example of how RFIC technology is being used is in connection with our mobile phones, and smart devices. This technology makes it easier to tackle some of the problems that come in connection with manufacturing transmitters and receivers. Thanks in part to this technology RFIC our mobile devices have a better ability to transmit and receive information.

RFIC technology is also an essential part of our commute especially if we live in a state that has toll roads like New Jersey. Have you noticed how on the New Jersey Turnpike, certain individuals do not even have to stop and pay the toll, it is just automatically done. This is because they on their windshield have a card that allows them to automatically have the fees for the toll road deducted. This technology is available in part thanks to the work that is being done with RFIC. Also if you have GPS in your vehicle, you can think the scientists and technicians that work with RFIC.

How Technology is Dealing with WIFI and Bluetooth Interferences

With a growing number of consumers utilizing WIFI and Bluetooth technology, there is a growing concern for how this increase in usage can result in problematic interferences between devices. Due to constraints related to power, size and/or cost, these problems continue to plague the technological community, and efforts continue in the hopes of finding a method that will work to rid the technological world of all interferences related to these devices. While no such method exists to date, there are some currently available methods that show promise and help to reduce problems. The first method used in the technological community is dual mode radio switching. This is perhaps the easiest method, as it only involves switching to a different frequency when you find interference on the given frequency you are using. The drawback to this method is that it can reduce performance, since there are only so many frequencies available and switching back and forth, on and off can sometimes become cumbersome. While not a perfect solution, dual mode radio switching is still used today with some level of success. Continue reading How Technology is Dealing with WIFI and Bluetooth Interferences